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Group Life Insurance Sys.

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A Web based Enterprise Insurance Administration System designed for the Group and Individual Insurance verticals as well as the re Insurance Part of the Policy Life Cycle. Tatwir G.L.I. is the platform of choice for Insurance Companies Processing a variety of Life and Health Insurance Products.

GLI Main Features :

•  A unique and very sophisticated administrating and security system.
•  Reduced policy servicing costs (Paper work, Time, Under Writing People…..)
•  Multi currency, Multi Payments (Monthly, Quarter, Half & Annual) System.
•  Can handle an unlimited No. of products that can be assigned to individuals or groups.
•  Client/Policy data centralized and available through user-friendly screens.
•  Two Leveled Calcifications for the groups makes it easy to distribute and define the coverage.
•  There is also a Search utility by (Policy Name or contract date )
•  The data of the agent entered with the policy data (Agent Name , Agent commission)
•  The data of the Broker entered with the policy data (Broker Name , Broker commission)
•  Individuals Data can be entered either manually or through excel sheets uploading.
•  Classification for the individuals inside the group according to their loading factors.
•  Utility to enter the default age rates (according to the gender) that can be customized for the groups latter on.
•  Utility to enter the Volume of Coverage as an equation that might include variables like (salary, Class…)
•  Dealing with alters that might arise into the policy (individuals addition and deletion )
•  Dynamic limits for the coverage Like (age limit, …..etc)
•  Sophisticated Billing system that care for details like (Age Frequency during the billing periods)
•  Reinsurance data entry is a snap as it is already entered through the insurance module
•  Dynamic Reinsurance regulation with the quota-share limit and the reinsurance ceiling.
•  The ability to reinsure with more than one company.
•  Being a web-based system that can be hosted online allows a global access to the system any where at any time.
•  Also being a web-based system reduces hardware, maintenance, and other related technical costs;

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