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Award winning comprehensive website with Many corners providing every possible service online, creating a complete school community on the web With a complete set of applications for monitoring the student’s progress, attendance, schedule, behavior, bus schedule, homework, test scores, etc… Maintaining complete connectivity and a continuous relations in which the data flows effectively with precision and speed between all the parties involved in the educational process, greatly increasing the efficiency of the School.

System Features

  • An efficient, cost-effective, and image-supporting advertising tool.
  • Advanced dynamic online solution supported with numerous SQL relational databases.
  • Easy-to-use solution with a user-friendly interface.
  • Highly professional design using state-of-the-art technologies.
  • Powerful administration application for database and site section management.

School Website Features

The School Web site was Divided into 5 Sections with an Advanced Control Panel (The Admin Tool) to allow administrators to (add –update - delete) data Displayed on the Website these 5 Sections are:

School Section :

This Section Includes the Following Applications
  •  Introduction to School
  • Welcome Message
  • School News
  • Events
  • Calendar
  • Activities
  • Job Vacancies
  • Join our Team
  • School Staff
  • Talents
  • School Gallery
  • About School
  • Contact Us
  • Apply For School
  • School Facilities ( Educational – Health Care – Transportation – Communication - Co-Curricular activities - Art related - Sport related - Social - Entertainment)

Student Section :

This Section Includes the Following Applications
  • His Profile
  • Absence
  • Photo Album
  • Student Marks
  • Class time table
  • Exam Time Table
  • Smart slide show
  • Revision Sheets
  • Home Works
  • Newsletter
  • Vaccines>
  • Messages from School
  • Useful Links
  • Change Password

This is Student online area , which is made for him so that he can promote his current skills and develop new ones. This section aims to :
  • Provide an ideal opportunity for Student to learn the internet and enjoy valuable services, useful information access, and secure browsing.
  • develop Students skills of research and information acquisition through the age's most powerful tool
  • help Student to Practice his natural right of expression towards the school activities. He can post his votes, suggestions and/or complaints to school administration, and consequently positively participate in the decision making process.

Parent Section :

  • Students Profiles
  • Absences
  • their photo Album
  • Students Marks
  • Teacher Evaluations
  • Class time table
  • Smart slide show 
  • Exam Time Table
  • Revision Sheets
  • Home Works
  • Newsletter
  • Vaccines
  • Messages from School
  • Useful Links
  • Suggestions
  • Voting
  • Change Password 

Teacher Section

Each teacher has an Account on the School Web site, he can Access The Following:

  • His Classes Time table
  • Smart slide show
  • Assign Home Works to Students and receive solutions
  • Evaluate Students
  • Newsletters
  • Change Password

Alumni Section

Each Alumni has an Account on the School Web site, he can Access The Following:

  • His Profile
  • School Newsletters
  • Voting
  • Calendar
  • Old Friends
  • Messages from Schools
  • Change Password
  • School Statistics : we provide School Web site with Counter that Counts Site Visitors and trace students –parents – teachers Logins

So we can summarize our Dynamic Application as the Following:

  • School News
  • Jobs Vacancies (Apply for A job)
  • Post your CV (Join Our Team)
  • School Events
  • School Calendar : Festivals – Exams -
  • Yearbook
  • Prom
  • Apply to School
  • School Staff
  • First Toppers
  • Talent Care
  • Summer School and Activity reservations
  • Grades
  • Student Timetable
  • Attendance
  • Vaccines
  • Teachers evaluation
  • Newsletter
  • Voting
  • Parent Suggestions
  • Son-parent/Parent-Son message
  • Useful links
  • Student picture album
  • Class picture album
  • Change Profile
  • Change Password
  • Previous Exams
  • Student Homework
  • Smart slide show
  • Forum (discussion board)
  • Personal Calendar
  • Teacher Timetable
  • Exam Timetable
  • School Gallery
  • School Statistics
  • Communication
  • Houses
  • Assignments
  • Alumni Section

Each parent has an Account on the School Web site to monitor his sons/daughters at school he can Access
Reference Site
WE launched this website to accommodate the ever growing usage of Mobile S.M.S. in the business sector (Marketing- Follow up – Notifications with all different types), in addition to personal use.

URL: http://www.tatwirsms.com
We Lanched this Portal to Help Both Buyers and Sellers (Dealers / Indevisual )to contact each other more fast and esay .

URL: http://www.tatwirads.com